Thursday, January 30, 2014

Born of the God - Foreward

Below are my thoughts on each Born of the Gods card.  I have broken them up by color so you can easily jump to whatever color you want to read up on.  Why should you care about my thoughts?  Good question.  I attended four Theros Sealed PTQs, my combined record was 20-8-2 (70% win percentage).  Of my eight losses two came in win and in situations, two of them I had the win and simply punted game three away.  Twice I simply got stomped 2-0 by a vastly better deck.  I feel like I have a great grasp on the Theros environment.  Currently the PTQ season is Standard Format, this will continue until March 9th.  On March 15th PTQ season will return to Theros Sealed.  After being so close during last sealed season I am very much motivated to close the deal on a PTQ in season three.  I know this is an awful lot of talk about limited, what about Standard?  Born of the Gods does not seem poised to shake up the standard environment all that much.

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